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Garden & Greenhouse

Instructor: Jennifer Miller
Jordan School District students receiving Special Education
services in grades 8th-12th may apply to the Special Education
Garden and Greenhouse Program. For 1 1⁄2 hours a day,
students receive vocational instruction by a certified instructor.
This program gives students the opportunity to learn job and
social skills that will prepare them to work in the community in
the future.

The program operates a large greenhouse where students
learn all the phases of the plant growing process. Students
spend a portion of their time in the classroom, and then apply
what they have learned by working in the garden and
greenhouse producing bedding plants, poinsettias, vegetables,
herbs, and fairy gardens. They will also be able to work with
raised beds and vertical green walls in addition to the
traditional greenhouse experience. Our garden and
greenhouse is wheelchair and walker accessible.
We conduct several experiments using the scientific method
that helps to encourage higher-level thinking and teamwork.
We assign jobs that match the students’ abilities so that they
have a successful experience.
We service students with various needs. We work very hard to
help our students learn to work as a team. All students are
encouraged to interact with peers and supervisors in a
respectful manner, in a work environment, to follow instructions
and to complete tasks.