Out of District Students

2022-2023 Application for Out of District Students (for the 2022-2023 School Year)

All JATC programs require an application form.  All applicants must meet program requirements as described in the Program Guide.

***Out-of-district applicants are only given consideration after the selection and Arena Scheduling processes are completed in the Jordan School District.  After these processes are completed, well-qualified out-of-district applicants will be invited to participate in JATC programs. Invitations to well-qualified, out-of-district applicants will not go out until May 2022. 

The Jordan School District does not provide transportation to any JATC campus for out-of-district students.  All JATC programs follow the Jordan School District high school academic calendar.

North Campus Application South Campus Application
Aviation Science Auto Collision Repair (West Jordan High School)
Biotechnology Barbering
CNA (Certified Nurse Assistant) Criminal Justice
Computer Programming Diesel - Heavy Duty Mechanic (West Jordan High School)
Dental Assistant EMT - Emergency Medical Technician (Seniors Only)
Digital Media Fire Science
Engineering - All Programs Hair Design
Internship Horticulture
Medical Assistant
Landscape Architecture
Pharmacy Technician
Nail Technician
Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation
Natural Resources
Veterinary Assistant
Teacher Education
Web Development


To apply as an out-of-district student follow the links below.

To apply, to a North Campus Program, click HERE.     


To apply, to a South Campus Program, click HERE.




Morning Classes   7:40-10 am Monday - Thursday,  8:30-10:30 am  Friday

Afternoon Classes 11:30-1:45 Monday - Thursday, 11:45-1:45 Friday