Out of District Students

2023-2024 Application for Out of District Students (for the 2023-2024 School Year)

Applications Open beginning January 3, 2023

All JATC programs require an application form.  All applicants must meet program requirements as described in the Program Guide.

***Out-of-district applicants are only given consideration after the selection and Arena Scheduling processes are completed in the Jordan School District.  After these processes are completed, well-qualified out-of-district applicants will be invited to participate in JATC programs. Invitations to well-qualified, out-of-district applicants will not go out until May 2023. 

The Jordan School District does not provide transportation to any JATC campus for out-of-district students.  All JATC programs follow the Jordan School District high school academic calendar.

North Campus Application South Campus Application
Aviation Science Agricultural Communication
Biotechnology & Medical Forensics Auto Collision Repair (West Jordan High School)
CNA (Certified Nurse Assistant) Barbering
Computer Programming Behavioral Health
Dental Assistant Criminal Justice
Digital Media Diesel - Heavy Duty Mechanic (West Jordan High School)
Engineering - All Programs EMT - Emergency Medical Technician (Seniors Only)
Internship Fire Science
Medical Assistant (Seniors Only)
Hair Design
Pharmacy Technician (Seniors Only)
Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation
Introduction to Education
Veterinary Assistant
Landscape Architecture
Web Development
Nail Technician
Natural Resources
Teacher Education





JATC North Campus Programs -- Apply Here

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