Core/Supplemental – Complete two of the following:

Service Learning Project Participation – Participate in a minimum of one service-learning project (4 hrs) during the current school year. Student will include the completed Service Learning Documentation form in their student portfolio.  Giving back to your community can boost your scholarship resume. If you are looking for local volunteer opportunities, Utah Volunteer Center Association and YouthLinc have opportunities waiting for you!
Service Learning Project Leader – Student will initiate and lead a service-learning project (minimum of 4 hours).  Student will complete the Service Leader Document below and include it in the portfolio.
CTSO Membership - Youth Leadership Organization Membership – Student must join and be an active member of their program’s CTSO. Include a copy of the CTSO membership certificate available from your teacher for the portfolio.

CTSO Officer – Please include the CTSO certificate you receive from your teacher, indicating that you are a student organization officer.

Leadership Conference Attendance – Student must attend at least one leadership conference during the academic year. Verification will be indicated by including the certificate of participation from the conference in the portfolio.
CTSO Competition Participation – Student must compete in at least one event in a CTSO competition during the academic year.  Verification will be indicated by including the performance certificate in the portfolio.
Other Documented Leadership Experience – Many students are actively involved as leaders throughout their school and personal life. Some examples are holding an office in a school or community organization, chairing a committee, being a team captain, or holding a management position at work, and many others. Please complete the Other Leadership Document listed below to verify this activity and include it in your portfolio.