Career Readiness

Core Items
Cover Letter – Include a completed cover letter that could be used as a letter of introduction when applying for a job. Samples and templates for writing a cover letter can be found in many places online. One helpful site is located here.
Resume' – Include a completed resume in their student portfolio. Google and Microsoft both have resume templates that help with a professional design and are easy to complete. There are also several helpful sites online that you can use to build your resume and gain guidance on how to make it striking and professional. You may also want to get feedback from your JATC teacher for specific guidance regarding the expected norms for your particular field of interest.
References – Include a personal reference list for use in employment pursuit in the student portfolio.  For guidelines on creating a personal reference list, follow this hyperlink. References may be included on the Resume' if desired.
(Create a personal reference list)

Supplemental – Complete three of the following*:

Maintain Employment – minimum 3 months – Maintain employment for a minimum of three consecutive months as verified by the Documentation of Work Experience form which will be included in the student portfolio.

Work Experience Documentation

“Mock” Interview Completion – Complete a mock job interview with a JATC staff member or industry professional. Mock Interviews can be conducted virtually. The interviewer will certify the successful completion of the interview through the submission of the rubric to be included in the student portfolio.  The interviewer should use the Mock Interview Document to complete the interview and this document should be included in the Portfolio as evidence of the experience.  
Employability Documents – Any documents that might be necessary to gain employment can be included in this section of the portfolio.  Examples of these documents include food handlers permit, first aid card, immunization record, OSHA certification, Barabacide certification, or CPR card.   
Career Explorer Assessment - Complete the Career Explorer Assessment located through the Key to Success Website. Include your assessment results in your digital portfolio.
Work-based Lesson - Our work-based learning specialist does various career lessons/activities in some classrooms. If you are lucky enough to participate in one of these, provide the certificate of completion that she awards as evidence. A few of the possible lessons are included below for those who may not have the opportunity in class. Simply go through the Powerpoint lesson and complete the accompanying worksheet. Then include the completed worksheet in the portfolio. 
LinkedIn Profile – Create and maintain a LinkedIn profile.  The profile must contain information completed in the following sections: Experience, Education, Skills, and Volunteer Experience & Causes.  A PDF copy or screenshot of the LinkedIn profile must be included in the portfolio as evidence.