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Counseling » JATC Digital Portfolio Setup

JATC Digital Portfolio Setup

Digital Portfolio Setup and Organization - The digital portfolio should be a personal website that students create using a personal google account and The site should be set up as private and only available to those you specifically share it with as there will be personal items such as your grades and transcript included on the webpage. Google Sites have several templates available to make the site creation easier.
Students can use any Portfolio Template, but the digital portfolio MUST include the following: a Home Page, and 4 additional pages titled "Leadership," "Program Competency," "College Readiness," and "Career Readiness." Additionally, each of those pages should include all of the required and supplemental items as specified on this website and the portfolio tracking sheet.
Home Page Requirements - Your home page should include your name (first and last), a photo of you dressed in professional attire (as you would for an interview), the "About Me" section answering with the info specified below, and the home page Core Requirement documents.
About Me Section - Please list (1) your JATC Program, (2) your grade level, and (3) home high school that you attend. Also, (4) write a short statement about your talents/skills/interests or career goals here. This can be used to tell future employers your mission statement or something that might make you stand out to future employers as a top candidate. You can choose what you want to include in this statement, but please remember to keep it professional.
Core Home Page Documents - Every student must include all of the following items on the digital portfolio homepage.
Cover Letter – Student will include a completed cover letter that could be used as a letter of introduction when applying for a job. Samples and templates for writing a cover letter can be found in many places online. One helpful site is located here.
Resume – Student will include a completed resume in their student portfolio. Google and Microsoft both have resume templates that help with a professional design and are easy to complete. There are also several helpful sites online which you can use to build your resume and gain guidance on how to make it striking and professional. You may also want to get feedback from your JATC teacher for specific guidance regarding the expected norms for your particular field of interest.
References – Student will include a personal reference list for use in employment pursuit in the student portfolio.  For guidelines on creating a personal reference list, follow this hyperlink.
(Create a personal reference list)
Professional Dress – Add a photo of yourself to your homepage. In this photo, you should be dressed as you would for a job interview. Remember, this photo may be the first impression a future employer has of you. Take the opportunity to evaluate what clothing you have that you would feel good wearing to an interview.