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Code Boot Camp

Welcome to Coding! 

Code Bootcamp (JATC North)


Melinda Mansouri


HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript are the primary coding languages. This is a great prep for Computer Science classes at the home high schools or JATC IT Programs. This counts as the prerequisite for Programming at the JATC.

Program Objectives: 

Students will learn basic Computer Science Principles. A visual approach to code is the teaching method. This makes computer science available to all learners.  

Program Expectations:

Students will earn 3 college credits at SLCC and 1 Industry Certification from Certified 

High School Credit:

One (1) high school Digital Studies or CTE credits

Concurrent Credit:

Art 2440 Website Design (3 credits) - SLCC 3

Educational Opportunities:

Semester 1: Industry Certification:  HTML & CSS

Possible Careers:

This is an intro level class that leads to success in JATC IT Programs or Advanced CS offerings at the home high school. 


Designers can’t code. HTML and CSS are markup languages that anyone can learn. Adding coding skills to your art or design skills will increase your earning potential. Web Development is working on a computer all day. Web Development is a team-oriented career where developers work closely with clients to build a product that meets the client's needs. Technology careers are for men. 25% of web developers are female. Web design offers a flexible schedule and remote working environment that appeals to all designers and developers.

Recommended Classes:


Program Length:

1st Semester, 2 periods