Auto Collision Repair

West Jordan High School
8136 2700 W
West Jordan, UT 84088




Nathan Shields

Program Description:

Students will be able to diagnose and repair collision damage. They will gain a basic understanding of estimating, metal repair, paint chemistry and application, fiberglass and plastic repair, automotive detailing, and automotive-related M.I.G/Plastic welding.

Program Expectations:

Students will be working with power tools and hazardous materials such as paint, solvents, and fillers. Safety glasses, paint respirator, and proper clothing are required. This is a competency-based course. Each competency will help students develop the skills necessary in the collision repair industry. Student projects will require approval; costs will be paid by the student.


Students will be required to provide their own transportation to/from West Jordan High School.



AM  Mon-Thurs 7:45-10:00; Fri 8:30-10:30

PM  Mon-Thurs 11:30-1:45; Fri 11:35-1:00


Disclosure and Required Forms