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Computer Programming


Computer programming/software engineering is the focus of this course of study.

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Location: JATC-North
9301 South Wights Fort Road
West Jordan, UT 84088

Program Description:

Computer programming and software development are the focus of this course of study. Students learn about the basic components of a computer, including the operating system. Students are then introduced to the fundamentals of computer program design and test. Students gain an understanding of object oriented programming techniques. Students learn the basic building blocks of programming using the Java programming language. Students build programming skills by writing programs to solve real world problems, as they apply advanced programming structures, including sequential files, arrays, stacks, and queues. Students learn to maximize program efficiency by building classes and objects. Students are introduced to Graphical User Interface (GUI) design using JavaFX. Students learn about database development and integration using the SQL database language, while integrating databases with their programs. Students use their programming skills to develop embedded applications to run on a Raspberry Pi credit card computer, together with the Linux embedded operating system and on Android based mobile devices.

Program Objectives:

This program will give students a firm foundation in programming that will prepare them to continue their education and obtain a job in information technology.

Program Expectations:

This is a difficult course of study that requires a significant level of dedication. Students should be prepared to write a large number of computer programs during this course.

Important Documents:


Ross Hirschi
Computer Programming Instructor
phone: 801-256-5916