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2018-19 JATC Application Process

Applications for 2nd semester of the 2018-19 school year are still open.

There are three application links below:  One for regular Jordan School District high school student applicants (Bingham High, Copper Hills High, Herriman High, Riverton High, & West Jordan High), one for Valley High School student applicants, and one for out-of district student applicants.

It is imperative that students use the correct application link below in order to be given consideration.


Application link for regular Jordan School District students (becomes a wait-list application after February 28, 2018)*


Application link for Valley High School students**


Application link for out-of district students (including REAL Salt Lake Academy)***



*Not all programs require an application for regular Jordan School District students (Bingham, Copper Hills, Herriman, Riverton, & West Jordan).  Programs not represented on the regular Jordan School District application will be available for selection during the Arena Scheduling events that take place in the spring  There will be a special JATC Arena Scheduling event that all high school students will have access to on March 26th & 27th, 2018. See JATC "Quick Facts" or "Program Guide" to see which programs require and application and which are available for selection in Arena Scheduling.


Surgical Technology is no longer a JATC program and is now solely administered by Salt Lake Community College. For more information about the program, visit:


**The Jordan School District does not provide transportation to any JATC campus for Valley High School students.


***Out-of-district applicants are only given consideration after the selection and Arena Scheduling processes are completed in the Jordan School District.  After these processes are completed, well-qualified out-of-district applicants will be invited to participate in JATC programs on a first apply, first invite basis where space is available. Invitations to well-qualified out-of-district applicants will not go out until May 2018. The Jordan School District does not provide transportation to any JATC campus for out-of-district or Real Salt Lake Academy students.


Morning Classes   7:40-10am Monday- Thursday  8:30-10:30am  Friday

Afternoon Classes 11:30-1:45 Monday- Thursday 11:45-1:45 Friday

Bingham Pepper Poulsen (801) 256-5125
Copper Hills Kristy Yeschick (801) 256-5329
Herriman Nancy Lunak (801) 567-8547
Riverton Gayle Whitefield (801) 256-5825
JATC North Craig Cottle (801) 572-7035
JATC South Tami Clevenger (801) 412-1305
Valley Pepper Poulsen (801) 256-5125
West Jordan Kim Newbrough (801) 256-5640
Alta Matthew Leininger (801) 826-5641
Brighton Lisa Prudden (801) 826-5841
Corner Canyon Wayne Dittmore (801) 826-6441
Hillcrest Kevin Wood (801) 826-6041
Jordan Karma Bateman (801) 826-6241
Kearns Uinalu Fonua
Murray Chantel Olsen
(801) 264-7460 x5181