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The purpose of the JATC College and Career Ready Student Portfolio is to help students prepare and be in a position to make that next-step transition after high school.  The JATC College and Career Ready Student Portfolio is designed to give students the opportunity to experience leadership, demonstrate competency in their program of study, develop career ready skills and prepare for college.

In order to successfully complete the JATC College and Career Ready Student Portfolio, students must complete both Core and Supplemental requirements in four areas: Leadership, Program CompetencyCareer Readiness and College Readiness.

Students can download a Student Portfolio Tracking Sheet 2019-2020 to keep track of the portfolio requirements.


Portfolios must be submitted by no later than May 8, 2020 to be considered for the JATC College & Career Readiness medallion award. Binders must include the Portfolio Tracking Sheet and have all documentation sorted by category.

Portfolio Categories: To complete the portfolio, follow all instructions for items on these pages:
*Should there be extenuating circumstances that prevent a student from being able to complete all of the supplementary items in a given portfolio component, a student may apply for a substitution using a “wild card” as outlined on this Portfolio Wild Card document.  Please be aware that the same item/experience cannot be counted in multiple areas simultaneously.  
For your convenience, the following file can be used to help plan when to complete Portfolio Requirements throughout the school year.  Simply print the PDF and complete the form according to the instructions.