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Scholarships – The search for scholarships and the application process can be time consuming, but the payoff can be huge!  Imagine if you spend 10 hours working on 10 scholarship applications.  Even if you only earn one, $500 scholarship for 10 hours of work, it still amounts to a pay off of $50 per hour for the time invested.

Students should always apply for “Freshman Scholarship” opportunities at the school(s) that they are considering attending.  This is the source from which most scholarship dollars are awarded.  Some merit scholarship considerations are automatic with the completion of an admissions application; others require separate applications.  Review each institution’s application instructions very carefully. Here are links to the freshman scholarship pages of local institutions of higher education that will help you get started:

The next best resource for scholarship applications from public and private donors are high school websites.  Most high schools will publish applications that are currently available by month of due date.  Since most applications are electronic, you may want to search multiple high school websites, not just your own high school’s website.  The Jordan Applied Technology Center publishes scholarship opportunities that they have been made aware of my month of due date at the links you see below: 











Search Engines can also be helpful in locating scholarship applications. You might want to try these:




Remember this one tip when looking for scholarships: Never pay to receive a scholarship. Sites and offers that guarantee a scholarship for a fee, are most likely a scam.

Boost your scholarship chances by building a strong community service resume. The following organizations can help you find local opportunities to volunteer your time and build a record of service that can help you get a scholarship:


U Serve Utah