Scholarships – The search for scholarships and the application process can be time consuming, but the payoff can be huge!  Imagine if you spend 10 hours working on 10 scholarship applications.  Even if you only earn one $500 scholarship for 10 hours of work, it still amounts to a payoff of $50 per hour for the time invested.

Scholarships can be divided into 3 general categories:  Academic/Merit Scholarships, Departmental Scholarships, and Private Scholarships

Academic/Merit scholarships are awarded by each college institution based on the qualifications of your school application.  These typically include a percentage off the school tuition, and can sometimes include other benefits as well. 

Departmental Scholarships are money that each department has to distribute among students who enroll in a particular program or major at that school. These require separate application and can be found typically within your department's web pages. These scholarship applications are typically due by February 1st so don't wait until you have finalized your school choice! 

Private Scholarships include all other scholarships. Individual donors, organizations, companies, etc. who are interested, can create a scholarship fund. These groups/individuals determine the eligibility requirements, deadlines, winners, etc.  Many private scholarship opportunities are listed on each high school's scholarship page, usually located under counseling.  Others can be found on scholarship search engines such as the ones listed below. 

Search Engines 


Keys to Success






Thurgood Marshall Scholarship Fund

Complete Scholarships Database


Remember this one tip when looking for scholarships: Never pay to receive a scholarship. Sites and offers that guarantee a scholarship for a fee, are most likely a scam.


Scholarships by month and application deadline
Additionally, we have several scholarships listed which may be of interest to students of the JATC.











General Scholarships

Horatio Alger Scholarships - Several scholarships are awarded in each state each year based on financial need, and additional qualifications. Scholarships range in value up to $10,000. To learn about the various opportunities and apply, go to

Boost your scholarship chances by building a strong community service resume. The following organizations can help you find local opportunities to volunteer your time and build a record of service that can help you get a scholarship:


U Serve Utah

CTE/JATC Related Scholarships
A donor has chosen to fund a disadvantaged student each semester, with the intent to allow this student the opportunity to find a career in Emergency Medical
Services. Likely careers include emergency medical response, firefighter, security, worksite medical response, and clinical settings.

This funding is for a non-credit community student so no application to the University of Utah is
required. Successful completion will result in national certification as an EMT. Underrepresented
populations are encouraged to apply.

The initial application consists of answering three questions.
What is your name, phone number and email address?
Why do you want to be an EMT?
What disadvantages have you faced and how would this scholarship help you?
Return application to Les Chatelain at [email protected]
Digital Media/Web Development:

Adobe Design Circle Scholarship

This is an incredible opportunity for students who are headed to college next year. The 2nd annual Design Circle scholarship application is live and open for students to apply for the 2021-2022 school year. We would appreciate your partnership in spreading the word now and throughout Jan/Feb to create visibility for this scholarship, focused on cultivating more diversity in the design industry. To help reach untapped youth communities and foster more diversity in the design industry, the Design Circle scholarship will do just that: we are awarding 10 annual college scholarships -- up to $25,000 per year, for each year of the recipient’s undergraduate education (up to four years or $100,000).  Application:

For more information contact Bridget McNamara, [email protected] or Kristina Yamada, [email protected]

Imagine American Foundation

Apply for Scholarships- If you can conquer the latest video game or understand how to use all the bells and whistles on your phone, then you won't have any problems getting through our application process. Our scholarships are easy to apply for!

We encourage all students looking to apply for scholarships to career and technical colleges to take a few minutes to take the steps laid out below.

After you read these steps, take a look at the list of things you can do next while your application is processing.


Apply For Scholarships Here

CTE Scholarship

Application Preparation

Prior to filling out the CTE Scholarships and Tuition Awards application, please review the application questions that will require more consideration when filling out the application.

  • If you participated in a Work-Based Learning (WBL) experience, be able to provide the company name, company address, and supervisor's name. Describe how your WBL experience prepared you for your future CTE Career Pathway goalsPlease include positive and negative experiences, and duties and responsibilities  Schools and business internships are the focus
  • If you participated in a Career and Technical Student Organization (CTSO) during high school, explain what leadership and workplace skills you developed and explain how it benefited you in your career preparation. For example, workplace skills could include accountability, communication, critical thinking, dependability, problem solving, teamwork, etc. [4 Points Possible]SkillsUSA
  • What other leadership, citizenship, and/or service experiences did you participate in during high school (grades 9-12)? [4 Points Possible] CS Honor Society 
  • Outline and discuss your educational and occupational timeline and plan. [4 Points Possible]
  • Reflecting on your high school years (grades 9-12), how did CTE courses you completed prepare you for life after high school? What advantages did they provide for your college and career plans? [2 Points Possible]
  • What advice would you offer to future students about taking CTE courses during high school? [2 Points Possible]
  • Was there an educator (teacher, counselor, administrator) who was especially influential in your career choice? If so, who? What did they do to help you? [2 Points Possible]
  • Make sure students have ALL documents needed PRIOR to filling out the application. Students will need to complete the application in one session, meaning they are not able to save their progress and finalize later. It would be wise if students had all documentation saved to a folder on the desktop or a storage device. This will allow for easy upload to the application. The documents required for the application are: 
      • Signed USBE Media Release 
      • Letter of Recommendation from a CTE teacher 
      • Letter of Recommendation from another teacher, counselor, administration, etc. 
      • CTE Career Pathway All Students complete the Web Development Pathway
      • Signed, unofficial transcript with all CTE courses highlighted
      • All CTE skill certifications and industry certifications. Please have all scanned in
      • All applications are due electronically on January 27, 2023

Application Scoring

CTE scholarships are competitive.  CTE scholarships and awards are based on total points, and every point counts. Make every effort to respond to each prompt to the best of your ability.  Distinguish yourself from your peers by highlighting the experiences that helped you prepare for college-level study in your chosen career.

Strong scores are usually the result of some degree of discussion and reflection prior to filling out the application.  Your response must be your original work.  Consider developing a few rough drafts and having a parent, teacher, or school counselor review them and provide feedback prior to completing the scholarship application.

The highest scores are given to applicants whose responses contain multiple, directly related examples.  The content of each response will strongly support the applicant’s qualifications for a scholarship.  Responses will be clearly written and concise.  A professional tone and style will be evident in your writing.  Content that is unstructured, disjointed, or contains pervasive errors in mechanics, usage, spelling, and/or grammar will not score well.