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Orientation Meetings

Q: What will my student’s experience at JATC look like?

A: JATC Virtual Tour

Q: How do I pay class fees?

A: Class Fee Payment Procedure

Q: Are fees at the JATC waived if I am on a fee waiver at my home high school?

A: Yes.  

Q: Does JATC provide breakfast and lunch?

A: Yes, Breakfast and Lunch Menu.  Students will use the same student ID number they use at their home high school.

Q: If my student is on free or reduced lunch at their home high school, does that apply at JATC?

A:  Yes. 

Q: What time does my student need to be at JATC?

A: JATC Class Times 

    For internship times, see Kristi Kemp’s webpage 

Q: What is the JATC door schedule?

A: Doors are on an electronic locking system. Doors remain unlocked during the window of time when students are coming and going from the building between classes. If doors are locked when you or your student arrive, simply press the buzzer located inside the entryway, and you will be assisted.

Q: How do I excuse an absence? 

A: To excuse an absence at the JATC, a parent/guardian needs to contact the JATC separately and in addition to contacting the home high school if that applies. High schools do not update our attendance information or excuse absences from JATC classes.

Q: Are buses provided from my students' home high school?

A: Yes, for all programs excluding Internship, find out more information by clicking the link JATC Busing Details

Q: Does my student need to buy a parking permit to park on campus?

A: If you attend the JATC North campus, Yes, an email will be sent to your student within a few days of the start of the semester. Students have one week to follow the link in the email and register up to 2 vehicles. Students will not receive a sticker, SLCC parking patrol will read their plate number. If your student doesn’t have a license plate on the front of their vehicle, make sure they don’t pull through the parking stall. Citations begin the second week of the semester. 

If you attend the JATC South campus, parking is free but students will be assigned a parking permit number during the first week or two of school to prevent neighbors and Post Office customers from using our lot.

Q: Does the JATC bell schedule change when the High School schedule changes?

A: The JATC bell schedule always stays the same. If your student has an assembly or other event at their school, it is their responsibility to leave at an appropriate time. If they are late to the JATC, they will need to check in at the main office. 

Q: Are there resources available if my student is struggling emotionally while at school?

A: Yes, we have a full-time counselor available to support your student in their time of need. We also have a calm room located in the main office students can utilize if they simply need a few minutes to decompress.

Q: Does JATC follow the Salt Lake Community College Calendar?

A: No, JATC follows the Jordan School District Calendar. If your student is enrolled in concurrent enrollment with SLCC, or another University, they may receive texts or emails about school closures for holidays or weather, please disregard those messages and refer to the Jordan School District calendar and school closure guidelines. 

Q: Can my student work a part-time job and participate in extracurricular activities while attending JATC?

A: Some programs have required internship or clinical hours to be completed outside of class time. Many programs require extensive time given to studying and preparation. Students may want to evaluate their amount of time dedicated to work and other extracurricular activities. Please consult with your program teacher if you are unsure of the time commitment needed for your chosen program.

Q: What are the deadlines for Concurrent Enrollment? 

A: College/ University admission: Your student must be admitted and have a student ID number before the first day of class. Failure to do so may result in withdrawal from the program.

College/ University class registration will take place in your JATC class during the first week of classes. Students cannot not register for class without a College/ University ID number. 

Barbering/Hair Design will offer a  prerecorded meeting and it will be available by May 10th.
Check back for the link.
Email with questions. 
Information coming soon...
Email with questions.
Email with questions.
Information coming soon...
Email with questions.
Information coming soon.
Email with questions.
Information coming soon...
Information coming soon...
Email with questions.
Landscape Architecture zoom meeting at 5:30pm May 11th
Email with questions.
Nail Technician will offer a  prerecorded meeting and it will be available by May 10th.
Check back for the link.
Email with questions.
The Pharmacy Technician parent meeting will be held in person.
Date: Kari Cook will be in contact with you.
Location: JATC North Campus Pharmacy Tech. classroom
Email with questions.
Topic: Teacher Ed Orientation
Time: May 13, 2021, 06:00 PM

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 845 6427 5653
Passcode: y092eC
Urban Horticulture Zoom Meeting at 6:00 pm May 11th
Email with questions.

Type: In-person

Date: May 12th

Time: 6-6:45 PM for AM, 7-7:45 PM for PM students; 30-minute meeting, followed by a 15-minute campus tour.

Location: Maximum of two persons per student (2 parents, 1 parent & student) due to COVID capacity restrictions.  Masks must be worn in the building at all times as per current JSD COVID Guidelines.