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Are you ready to take your learning beyond the classroom and get hands-on experience in the real world? Our program is just what you need! With exciting internship opportunities in fields like agriculture, education, criminal justice, healthcare, and more, you can explore your passions and gain practical experience that will set you apart. Imagine having an edge on your resume or college application with all the exciting things you've learned through our internship program. Join us today and take the first step towards an exciting future!

The CTE Internship course allows students to gain practical experience in their field of interest. The course is divided into A or B days, the last two periods of the day, for an entire semester. In the first five weeks of the semester, students will attend classroom sessions to improve their employability skills, such as creating a resume and developing a professional LinkedIn profile. 


Most of the semester will be spent at the student's selected internship site, where they will be required to work at least 40 hours. To ensure that students stay connected with their classmates and instructors, they must attend one class session monthly during their internship. The program also includes 1-2 weeks of classroom wrap-up at the end of the semester. The only prerequisites are that you must be in your junior or senior year and have taken one to two classes in your area of interest.


This program offers an excellent opportunity for students to identify career options and interests, gain real-world experience, and connect with a mentor who can guide them throughout their journey.


*Please note that transportation to and from the internship site is the responsibility of the student. However, bus transportation to and from the JATC for class days will be provided.


Melissa Goble

[email protected]

Ph: (801) 256-5914

Internship Assistant:

Amy Olsen

[email protected]

Ph: (801) 256-5959

Where are our students right now? 
Teal Drones
Jordan Valley Hospital
Wasatch Front Health Science
West Jordan Fire Dept
South Jordan Fire Dept
Unified Fired Authority
Kinetic Physical Therapy
SLCC Sports Marketing
Burt Bros 
Moments Made Bridal
Millennial Falls
Hale Centre Theater
Sandy City Explorers
Registered Physical Therapists
B Space Salon
Wild Boar Barbers
G.O.A.T Barbers
Baraka Beauty