Web Development and Design

Location: JATC-North 2023-2024
Quotes from students about the program:
"I'm glad that I took Web Development. For the skills, the people, and the experience" - CH
"In your class I learned a lot about confidence and efficiency. Your class gave me the skills for a career and the confidence to use them. -TS
"I loved your web design class, it has helped me so much in my college courses!"-BC

"Your classroom always felt like a safe place. You brought out the passion for a career in web design, and for that I am SO thankful!"- MP

"Your classroom was fun, open, and great for trying new things. I didn't turn out to be very good at digital design, but I did learn how to work with those around me, and see their strengths. I learned how to step out of my comfort zone. " -TS

We are excited to announce an Industry Partnership with Code to Success with Curriculum Developed and Updated by Bottega
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Front End Developer Average Pay in Utah $79,336 according to GlassDoor.com Nov 2023
Students work with clients and often start working for pay during the 4th quarter. The average class combined income during the 4th quarter is between $6,000 - $7,000. Students can work as an entry-level junior Front end developers or work as Freelance Developers after completing the high school program.  
Courses Taught:
  • Web Capstone | Partnership with Code to Success and Bottega
  • HTML5 -Microsoft Certifications HTML5 & JavaScript Specialist |additional Certifications are available. 
  • UX/UI Quality Assurances
  • Pending: Cyber Forensics
  • Internship 40 hours with a business client (Transportation is not required) 

Program Description:

Design and develop websites and HTML5 apps using HTML, CSS, JavaScript. NodeJS and Python are available for highly motivated students. Learn about Internet technologies, network infrastructure, and web authoring. Students will build and maintain websites for clients, and complete an internship with a web development company.


Program Expectations

Students will be required to study for industry certifications. Students must follow Jordan District’s Network Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) for internet use, and the extended privileges form for the JATC. Design and develop responsive websites, Apps, and sometimes Games using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.


Program Awards and Media:

SkillsUSA Logo

1st Programming Jaxson Smith 

1st Web Development Vi Cao & Amanda Astin 

2nd Web Development Jonathon Colby & Josh Burrup

3rd Jacob Crook & Aiden Maher  

2022 SkillsUSA Nationals 2nd place Interactive Game Design James Davies and Jackson Halverson 4th place Web Development James Cox and John Murdock State 1st place Interactive Game Design James Davies and Jackson Halverson, 1st Place Web Design Lee Knopp and Adelina Trionfo, 2nd James Cox and John Murdock, 3rd Jackson Johns and Jake Holcombe. 

2021 SkillsUSA State Web Development Contest 1st Place James Davies and Tinh Nguyen 2nd Place Jesse Gavino and Dan Gross. 

2019 SkillsUSA Web Design 3rd Place Tyler Troung and Caleb Taylor

2018 SkillsUSA 2nd Bethany Bee & Chayse Thompson

2018 SkillsUSA 3rd Dallin McDougal & Alyssa Muller

2014 1st Place Skills USA

2014 3rd Place Skills USA

2013 1st Place Skills USA


2022 iTeams UX/UI Challenge iTeams Splash page design


2022 NCWIT Winner Adelina Trionfo Rising Star Award Kina Wilkins  

2021 NCWIT Winner Aspen Kesler, Rising Star award Emma Kondris and Katrina Snelgrove

2020 NCWIT Winners Katelyn Swain State Winner, Kayla Bacon State Runner up, and Lillian Mcelheny

2019 NCWIT Winners Estela Newton State Winner, Madi Katwyk State Runner up, and Tea Flores Leadership Award.  

2018 NCWIT Winners National Runner up Taylor Dee and Mackenzie Evans. State Winners Mackenzie Evans, Addisyn Leister, and Alyssa Muller

2017 NCWIT Winners Taylor Dee, Faith Melton, Kim Young  

2016 NCWIT Winners 2016 Nikita Siddamsettiwar and Alyssa Johnson

2014 NCWIT Winner Kendra Koester

Digital Media Arts Festival Logo

2019 Utah Digital Media Arts Festival  Best of Show Web Design Madi Katwyk and Ryan Herrscher

2019 Utah Digital Media Arts Festival 3rd place Skyler Pearce and Tyler Troung

2016 1st Place Web Design Digital Media Arts Festival

2016 2nd Place Web Design Digital Media Arts Festival

2016 3rd Place Web Design Digital Media Arts Festival

2015 1st Place Web Design Digital Media Arts Festival

TSA Logo

2019 TSA Web Design 2rd Place Madi Katwyk, Caleb Taylor, Ryan Herrscher, and Joshua Rollinson. 

2018 TSA 2nd Place Web Design Vivian Tang, Dallin McDougal, Jacob LeBaron, Bethany Bee, and Liam Post. 

2018 TSA 3rd Place Madison Pidcock, Estela Newton, Sebina Delibasic, Jordan Powell and, Landon Sheriff

2016 TSA 2nd Place Web Design Contest

2015 1st Place TSA

2015 2nd Place TSA 

2014 3rd Place TSA

2013 2nd Place TSA

2013 3rd Place TSA

Verizon App Challenge

2017 Verizon App Challenge Winners State of Utah

2015 Verizon App Challenge Winners State of Utah

Samsung Solve for Tomorrow


Instructor: Mr. Bean


Michael is innovative and goal-oriented. He enjoys solving problems using technology. He has over a decade of industry web development experience. On the side, he has detected bugs for the Army, Pentagon, and Google and helped the US government verify successful vulnerability patching.
Michael took over teaching from Melinda who had advanced the program for over 30 years to the point where the above awards were common! Michael hopes to build on her legacy and further advance it by emphasizing cyber security.
Michael has been teaching in CTE since 2023 in the subject areas of Web Design and Web Development. His hobbies include hiking, computer and human languages, piano, math (primes), cooking, reading, cyber security, and list memorization. He recently celebrated his 11th wedding anniversary, and has two children.
Michael's favorite color is orange and graduated in linguistics and machine learning years before AI really took off.
Awards, Recognitions
  • Eagle Scout
  • Awarded first college degree at age 17
  • Master's degree
  • Over 10 years of industry experience in multiple industries:
    • agriculture (https://fort-supply.com/)
    • cyber security (participated in events for hacking the Pentagon and Army)
    • data protection (Dell EMC)
    • education (BYU Independent Study websites)