Computer Programming

Computer Programming
9301 South Wights Fort Road
West Jordan, UT 84088
Building #2, Basement Room B004
COURSES TAUGHT (8 concurrent college credits total)
Computer Programming 2 (SLCC CSIS 1400)
Computer Programming, Advanced (SLCC CSIS 1410)
Database Fundamentals (MySQL)
Mobile Development Fundamentals (Android)
Emerging Technologies (Embedded Computing)
The computer programming course at the JATC is a full-year program focused on computer programming and software development for a variety of computing platforms including desktop computers, tablets, smart-phones, and credit card computers (Raspberry Pi). The course consists of three main sections:
JavaIn the computer programming section, students learn the basic building blocks of programming using the Java programming language. Students build programming skills by writing programs to solve real-world problems as they apply advanced programming structures and object-oriented programming techniques.
In the database section, students learn the fundamentals of relational database design usingMySQL MySQL. Students learn to architect relational databases that adhere to industry standards for database design and optimization. Students learn to use the SQL database language, and how to integrate and utilize databases in their programs.
AndroidIn the mobile application development section, students leverage their Java programming skills to develop applications using the Android app development platform to run on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.  Students will learn how to design, test and deploy applications on Android-based mobile devices. 
 In the embedded programming section, students will then learn about credit card computers like Raspberry Pi,RaspberryPi running on the Linux operating system.  Students will learn to write real-time control software and PiBoarduse the Raspberry Pi platform for a variety of control applications such as home automation and robotics.  Students will form teams and program a line-following car.  Teams will compete against each other to find the fastest car.
This course is open to high school juniors and seniors.  An application is required.  Previous experience with programming is desirable but not required.
This is a difficult, college-level course of study that requires a significant level of dedication. Students should be prepared to write a large number of computer programs during this course. Students need to have access to a computer (Mac or Windows) and the internet to complete coursework from home.
These classes are stepping stones towards preparing students to enter the professional workforce. As such, students will be expected to exhibit the same level of professional behavior they would if they were working in industry. 

Certification Testing - $100    
SLCC Concurrent Enrollment Fee - $40
Note: $40 concurrent enrollment fee is a one-time fee for SLCC.  If you have already taken a concurrent enrollment class through SLCC then you will not need to pay the $40 fee. 
SLCC Tuition - $40 ($5/credit fee for the 8 credits)
Parking - $20
JATC Programming Class Hoodie ($38) and/or T-Shirt ($26)  (note:  Prices subject to change)
Computer Science Honor Society Membership - $10
Technology Student Association (TSA) Membership - $5
I was born in Ogden Utah, but grew up in Boulder City Nevada.  I have over 30 years of industry experience in electronics and software design.  My working years have been spent mostly in Texas and Japan.  I have a BSEE degree in Electrical Engineering from BYU and an MBA degree from Texas Christian University (TCU).
I’ve decided to spend the remainder of my career doing what I like best – teaching & computers.  In my spare time, I enjoy camping, photography, playing with my grandchildren, and building and programming computers and gadgets.
My objective is to provide a positive classroom experience and appropriate educational materials to give your student the maximum opportunity to succeed. I strive for an engaging and inclusive classroom environment.  I know that students learning programming by doing, not watching.  Albeit a small role, I want to help develop your student by being a positive influence and role model.  I strive to have a positive relationship with each student beyond them being just a name on a roll.  If your student has any special needs please let me know so I can adjust accordingly.  I’m available to talk with you anytime you feel it necessary by phone, through email, or face-to-face.