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Computer Programming

9301 South Wights Fort Road
West Jordan, UT 84088
Building #2, Room B004
COURSES TAUGHT (8 concurrent college credits total)
Programming 1 & Programming 2 (Java - 4 concurrent college credits - CSIS 1400)
Advanced Programming (Java - 4 concurrent college credits - CSIS 1410)
Game Development 1 & 2 (C# - Unity Game Design)
Database Fundamentals (mySQL)
Mobile Development (Javascript - React)
Curious about software design, creating your own video game, or coming up with the next big app? Do you like to work with people and help others? Do you enjoy solving puzzles and are fascinated with how things work together as a whole? Welcome to the world of computer programming! You are encouraged to explore your own personal interests in this program and will develop some new and amazing friendships. I can't wait to meet you!
First Semester - Earn 8 college credits while learning Fundamentals of Programming and Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) concepts that progress from beginner to intermediate level of difficulty using Java. You will spend a lot of time implementing problem-solving strategies, learning about the programming process, and working individually on projects using industry BEST Practice.
Second Semester - Learn database fundamentals using my mySQL and implement your software development skills to create and build (2D or 3D) games using C# and mobile apps using JavaScript. Work collaboratively with peers (in class and other programs - Digital Media & Web Development) in competitions implementing strategies used in industry. Prepare yourself to enter industry, independently create your own games/apps, and to make a difference.
Students need to be self-motivated, independent, and resolute. There is a lot of coding, so students must be willing to learn and write a lot of code. Students work at their own pace by working ahead or getting help if they are struggling. Field trips to colleges, universities and industry companies will help students with “What comes next?” in their journey into computer science. Students will earn Microsoft certifications, create an impressive portfolio, and be given opportunities to work out in industry. Students need to have access to a computer (Mac or Windows) and internet to complete coursework from home.
For more specific details, please read the Course Syllabus.
Congratulations Video Game Design Teams of 2019!
1)  At the TSA we placed in the top 5 at state and also took first place for the state of Utah.
2)  For TSA Nationals in D.C. we placed 6th nationally in video game design!  Great job!
INFORMATION/HANDOUTS FROM PARENT MEETING (Links will be live as they become available)
     4. Online Disclosure and Required Forms
     5. Summer Homework - Enjoy your summer!
Required: Certifications - $100.  Concurrent Enrollment:  $40 + $5/credit.  TSA - $5.
Note (concurrent) - $40 concurrent enrollment fee is a one time fee for SLCC.  If you have already taken a concurrent enrollment class through SLCC then you will not need to pay the $40 fee.  You will still need to pay the $5/credit fee for the 8 credits being offered ($40).
Note (TSA) - TSA is required as we use this competition to implement AGILE software development process on SCRUM teams implementing sprints and other components to gain real world experience for large scale projects.
Optional: Parking - $20.  T-Shirt/Hoodie - $30.  Software - $30.
Personal - My family moved to Utah from Iowa in the summer of 2018 to be close to family. I have taught for over 15 years and have a double major in Math Education as well as Applied Computer Science. I also have a Master of Arts in Teaching and plan on getting a masters in Computer Science. I worked in industry for one year before starting my career as an educator. I am fiercely dedicated to my profession and spend time before and after school, as well as Saturday mornings helping students be successful.
Teaching - Since Moving to Utah, I have developed relationships with local colleges, universities and industry companies to collaboratively create content and a learning experience that is relevant and applicable to the students once they leave my program and pursue their endeavors in college, industry, and life. I am very flexible and care more about what students learn rather than how they learn it. Because of this, I create a lot of content and allow students choices in class.
Philosophy - Each class I teach is taught to the group of students and to the individuals within that class. Just because I have two programming classes in one day doesn't mean that they are taught the same way. Equity is not equality, meaning that "Being fair is not having everything be equal". I also care about helping all (yes, every single child that is in my class) students be successful in college, the professional world, and in life. I don't just teach computer programming. I teach students to be independent life-long learners, set goals, constructively explore options, challenge themselves, and discuss how to go about making important decisions when it comes to comparing colleges, career paths, or anything else that is important to the student. The content is a tool to help students learn how to learn.
"The class is a very open and relaxed environment. It is very hands on. He gives you the resources and then you code and he helps if you need it. I like it because if I feel behind I have everything to get ahead again. The teacher is really chill and you'll develop a close relationship with the kids in your class. I like this class a lot, in fact it's probably my favorite class." - KP

"One of the best things about computer programming at JATC is that you get to be independent and work at your own pace. You'll get to learn how the industry works and gain the closest real world experience without being in the real world than in any high school. This is the best class to learn for sure if this is the career you want to pursue." - AD

 "The teacher obviously knows what he is talking about and is familiar with most of the issues or ideas that you might have and will help you whenever you need. While teaching the class on some key notes he creates an environment that promotes self-learning and understanding of the material that will make you self-sufficient in the class and probably the field. Overall the class has a steep learning curve but I believe you are able to learn a lot that way." - ID 
"What I like most about this class is that you get to apply what you learn in class. You get to experience actual programming and create projects." - ML
"This is a very hands on class that allows you to set your own pace. The first semester is all about learning the fundamentals through coding projects and the second is about utilizing the skills you learned to create your own programs. It's a fun and laid back learning environment that allows you learn a lot about coding." - JN
"I think the class is a great learning environment, as it is a mix of both fun and educational. You get to learn all of the essential code, and you get lots of practice using it. You can also work at your own speed." - JS