Jiffy Lube 'What Drives You?" Scholarship/Essay Contest - The Jiffy Lube "What Drives You?" High School Scholarship program is a unique opportunity to pursue your interests, goals and ideas. A simple 500 words about what drives you?  This is a $6500 scholarship! For more information and to apply, go to: https://yourturn2apply.com/.  Deadline:  April 18, 2022.
Energy Pathways Scholarship
Five - $4,000 scholarships
Five - $2,000 scholarships
Eligibility: Eligible students must be in the 12th grade and enrolled in any public or private high school in Utah, or a first-year student pursuing a STEM undergraduate degree or STEM-related technical certification at a Utah institute of higher learning.
Submission Instructions: To apply for the Energy Pathways Scholarship, go to CompleteScholarships.org and click the login button at the top of the page. Then choose "Create Account". Choose your new Complete Scholarships username and password, enter your name, birth date, and contact information, and review the privacy policy. Once your account is created, you will be asked to answer "matching questions" about yourself to determine which scholarships you are eligible to apply for. This could include your intended STEM Major and chosen Utah university, college or technical/trade school. The Utah Energy Workforce Scholarship Application must be submitted by 11:59 p.m. on April 1, 2022
Shawn Carter Scholarship - $2,500    10 Awards (Deadline: April 30, 2022)
To be eligible for the scholarship a student must:
A)    Be a high school senior enrolled with a minimum 2.0 GPA.
B)    Be enrolled in a 2 or 4 year undergraduate program, trade school or vocational school in the fall of 2h22.
Applications can be found by going to:
https://studentscholarships.orq/scholarship/1 -7l646/shawn-carter-scho!arship
AMVETS National Scholarships - $4,000- 9 Awards (Deadline: April 30, 2022)
To be eligible for the scholarship a student must:
A)    Be a deserving high school senior or high school JROTC student.
B)    Be enrolled or accepted for enrollment in the Fall of 2022.
Applications can be found by going to:
https://studentscholarships.org/scholarship/9590/amvets national scholarships