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Private Aircraft Pilot

Location: JATC-North
9301 South Wights Fort Road
West Jordan, UT 84088
Classroom located in Building 2, Room 310
Aircraft Pilot Instructor:

Aaron Organ, C.M., ACE, AGI

Office phone: 801-256-5931 Email: 

Aircraft Simulator Instructors:

Rodney Sims, Brad Winegar 

Class Times:

Class begins August 24th "A" Days for 2 periods

AM  Mon-Thurs 7:40-10:00;  Fri 8:30-10:30

PM  Mon-Thurs 11:30-1:45;  Fri 11:45-1:45

*Due to the COVID19 schedule, no new content will be taught on Fridays, rather it is an opportunity to come work on assignments, concepts, project, etc. with more one-on-one input from the instructor.


Program Forms:

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Other Information: 

Parent Meeting Presentation 

Program Description:

Private Aircraft Pilot helps students jumpstart their training for a successful and exciting career in the aerospace and aviation industry. The courses offered are meant to help students explore both flying and non-flying careers within the world of aviation. The program offers concurrent enrollment courses, offering both high school credit through the JATC north campus, and college credit through Utah Valley University. The program includes classroom academics and simulator training. The program of study includes a general knowledge of the aviation industry, career exploration and an introduction to airplanes and concepts of flying. The program also is intended to prepare students to test for the Private Pilot FAA Knowledge Exam if they so choose.

Program Courses:

AVSC 1010:  Designed for all students interested in aviation careers. Includes a general knowledge of aviation, historical events, and aerospace studies/development opportunities. Studies aviation and aerospace terminology, how aircraft and spacecraft fly, research and development of future systems, government and industry roles in the growth of aviation, and potential careers in aviation. 

AVSC 1100: Introduces the airplane to entry-level student pilots as they prepare for flight training. Stresses airport systems, air traffic control procedures, aviation weather, air navigation, radio communication procedures, and Federal Aviation Regulations. Students will learn to operate flight simulators in the classroom and have the opportunity to fly the motion simulator in the lab. Prepares students for the required FAA Private Pilot Airplane Knowledge Test. 

Program Expectations:

Classroom academics require English literacy in reading, writing, speaking and understanding. Students enrolled in the program must maintain good attendance and pass stage and final exams.  Student wanting an instructor endorsement for the FAA Knowledge Exam must have a passing grade in the Private Pilot ground course and pass two practice exams with an 80% or higher. 

The JATC aviation program does not offer flight training through concurrent enrollment. For students wishing to start flight training while enrolled in the Private Pilot ground course must do so on their own and cover their own flight training fees. A student must be 17 years of age to obtain a FAA Private Pilot Certification.  Physical condition must be certified by an FAA medical examiner and a student must obtain a FAA Third Class Medical and a student certificate before commencing flight training. Please contact Aaron Organ at for more information.  


Students endorsed for the FAA Knowledge Exam are required to pay a fee of $150 to the testing facility. 

AVSC 1100 will require that a student purchases one of the books for $16.