Aviation Sciences

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Location JATC North

9301 South Wights Fort Road

West Jordan, UT 84088

Classroom located in Building 2, Room 310



Aaron Organ, C.M., ACE, AGI

[email protected]

Office phone: 801-256-5931


For Accepted Students 22-23 School Year 

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Program Description

The Aviation Sciences program at JATC North helps juniors and seniors jumpstart their training for a successful and exciting career in the aerospace and aviation industry. The courses offered are meant to help students explore both flying and non-flying careers within the world of aviation. The program offers concurrent enrollment courses, offering both high school credit through the JATC North campus, and college credit through Utah Valley University. Students who complete the full year of Aviation Science have the opportunity to complete the ground school portion of the requirements to obtain a private pilot’s certificate, earn a commercial drone license, earn up to 12 college credits, and prepare for further education at postsecondary institutions. The program includes classroom academics and simulator training. See course descriptions below for more details. 



Program Courses (For 2022-2023 Academic Year)

Fall Semester

AVSC 1010:  Designed for all students interested in aviation careers. Includes a general knowledge of aviation, historical events, and aerospace studies/development opportunities. Studies aviation and aerospace terminology, how aircraft and spacecraft fly, research and development of future systems, government and industry roles in the growth of aviation, and potential careers in aviation. 


AVSC 2150: Presents the management skills necessary to be a fixed based operator and entry-level manager for scheduled airlines in the national aviation system. Teaches management functions, marketing, financing, organization and administration, flight operations, maintenance, safety, and liability. Provides hands-on experience of management styles through evaluations and critiques of local airlines and airport facilities. Provides hands-on experience through the use of airline management simulation software.



Spring Semester

AVSC 1100: Introduces the airplane to entry-level student pilots as they prepare for flight training. Stresses airport systems, air traffic control procedures, aviation weather, air navigation, radio communication procedures, and Federal Aviation Regulations. Students will learn to operate flight simulators in the classroom and have the opportunity to fly the motion simulator in the lab. Prepares students for the FAA Private Pilot Airplane Knowledge Test. 


AVSC 1410: Prepares students with the aeronautical knowledge necessary to conduct or interact with Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) (drone) operations within the National Airspace System (NAS). This course will prepare students for the Commercial Drone Operator FAA Knowledge Exam. Course content includes applicable regulations, airspace classification and operating requirements, effects of weather, loading and performance, communication and emergency procedures, physiological effects of drugs and alcohol, aeronautical decision-making and judgment and airport operations. This course does include hands on flight instruction of a large variety of drones. 


Program Expectations

Classroom academics require English literacy in reading, writing, speaking and understanding. Students enrolled in the program must maintain good attendance and pass stage and final exams.  Student wanting an instructor endorsement for the FAA Knowledge Exam must have a passing grade in the Private Pilot ground course and pass two practice exams with an 80% or higher. 

The JATC Aviation Sciences program does not offer flight training through concurrent enrollment. For students wishing to start flight training while enrolled in the Private Pilot ground course must do so on their own and cover their own flight training fees. A student must be 17 years of age to obtain a FAA Private Pilot Certification.  Physical condition must be certified by an FAA medical examiner and a student must obtain a FAA Third Class Medical and a student certificate before commencing flight training. Please contact the instructor for more details.


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Prof Pic

Aaron Organ, C.M., ACE, AGI has a diverse aviation background with 10+ years experience in general aviation, aircraft manufacturing and airport management professional development. Aaron started teaching at JATC in August 2020 and has also been an Adjunct Instructor at Utah Valley University since 2018. In both roles he enjoys helping students explore the world of aviation, reach their academic goals and mentoring them into career placement. He takes a special interest in assisting undergraduate research teams in conducting applied research to solve relevant industry issues.

Aaron is currently in the process of completing his MSc in Transport Systems from Cranfield University in the United Kingdom. His research is focused on Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) and Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) integration with an emphasis on ground infrastructure and community integration. He is conducting research analyzing next steps and how to accomplish them within the regulatory environment. He has had the opportunity to present on various research throughout the United States, South Korea, United Kingdom and the Netherlands. 


Aaron is a Certified Private Pilot and Commercial Drone Pilot who is passionate about flying and looks forward to introducing his two daughters to flying. He also loves the outdoors where he enjoys hiking, camping, kayaking and other adventures with his family.


Aircraft Simulator Instructors:



Rodney Sims

B.S. in Aviation from UVU, CFI, CFII, ATP.


Rodney started flying in 2003 and has worked at SkyWest airlines since 2007 as a pilot. He has flown the CRJ and is currently a captain flying the EMB-175.  Rodney has taught high school students for the Salt Lake Community College and the Jordan School District at different campuses since 2008. Since then, he has watched many former high school students grow up, go to college, start families, and become airline and military pilots. His most rewarding experience as an instructor is to teach a student to fly in the simulator and then see that same student use those skills as they sit next to him at SkyWest Airlines as a professional pilot. Rodney says, “I don’t know what can be a more rewarding experience as an instructor than that!”


As Rodney’s schedule got busier at SkyWest and family demands increased, help was needed in the simulator. Rodney thought hard about who would be the best fit to teach with him. He asked Brad Winegar if he was interested. Brad had made a good impression as a former JATC student. Rodney had watched Brad go from JATC high school student to airline captain. Who better to teach you how to do it than Brad? The principal agreed that Brad was a good fit for the program and was hired.




Brad's pic

Brad Winegar attended the JATC Aviation Program in 2009-2010 as a high school senior. During his time in the program he also independently obtained his Private Pilots Certificate. JATC served as a head start for him, instead of taking a bunch of not so interesting electives he was able to further his career goals of being a pilot here at JATC. Now as a Captain at SkyWest Airlines he has the opportunity to mentor new first officers and new students at JATC. He enjoys the teaching and helping the newest pilots at JATC.


Brad absolutely loves being an airline pilot and feels grateful to be able to connect people all over North America. He credits the JATC Aviation Program as what helped him find his true passion in aviation. While at JATC, Rodney Sims was Brad’s instructor and he feels it is an absolute honor to now years later be teaching alongside him now. Brad gives full credit to the amazing support of his family and especially the loving support of his wife who knew he could keep going to reach his goals.   

Offered for the first time this 2021-2022 school year is the newly branded JATC Aviation Hoodie. Email Aaron to purchase one for $25.