Criminal Justice

Location: JATC-South
12723 South Park Avenue
Riverton, UT 84065
Brandon Palmer


I am not a “glass half full” type of person. I am a “where did I put my glass” kind of person.


I worked in the criminal justice system for 17 years.  In 1999 I started at the Salt Lake County Jail as a correction officer.  I worked in all the different security levels of housing units, training officer, and in processing (booking).  In 2003, I was hired by the West Jordan Police Department.  As a police officer I worked as a patrol officer, trained new officers, and served on the S.W.A.T. team.


As I worked, I continued my education and received a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, and several years later I earned a Master’s Degree in Secondary Education.  This prepared me for my departure from fulltime law enforcement to education. 


In 2010 I married my beautiful wife, who has supported me through my transition from law enforcement to education.  I have since added 3 more children to my family, totaling 5 amazing children.  Shortly after graduating I began teaching Criminal Justice (CTE, and Concurrent Enrollment) part-time at Copper Hills High School.  In 2016 I began working with the Grizzly’s wrestling team, which I am still doing to this day.


2015 I left the police force, and was fortunate to begin working at Jordan Academy for Technology and Careers (JATC) and became a full time employee with the Jordan School District.  In the summer of 2017 I was given the opportunity to work as an adjunct professor at Salt Lake Community College.

I am very happy and excited to be at the JATC and the opportunity to work with your future adults. It is said that I blend in with the students because of my size; however, I hope I actually bring people up to my level and beyond and give them a valuable experience they can add to their lives.


Program Description

The Criminal Justice Program is designed to provide students with an understanding of the criminal justice system, its agencies, personnel, and historical foundation. Students explore an overview of the court system, criminal law, police-community relations, probation, parole, evidence, criminology and careers in law enforcement. The courses are taught by a professional police officer, and offer up to 12 credits of concurrent enrollment.


Program Objectives 

CJ 1010: Introduction to Criminal Justice. Exposes students to theories, concepts, and methods used to facilitate understanding, predicting and responding to issues of deviance and crime in America. Also includes development and evolution of components of American Criminal Justice System, including the history of racial, ethnic and gender discrimination on charging, conviction, incarceration and employment.

CJ 1300: Introduction to Corrections. This course examines the history, function and administration of corrections in our criminal justice system.

CJ 1330: Criminal Law.This course examines crimes, defenses, and the historical origins and functions of criminal law in our society. Topics include sources of substantive law, classification of crimes parties to crime, and related topics.

CJ 2540: Careers in Law Enforcement. This course provides an insight into the workings and hiring practices of various law enforcement agencies such as ATF, DEA, FBI, and local, county, and state police agencies. Also available is access to law enforcement guest lectures.


  • Mandatory Fee: SLCC Concurrent Enrollment fee: $40 + $5 per college credit hour
  • Class Fee: $30
  • Book Rental Fee $150
  • Uniform Fee: $24
  • Optional Fee: Skills USA membership (nominal CTSO membership fees vary)


The Criminal Justice Program is designed to provide students with an understanding of the criminal justice system, its agencies, personnel, and historical foundation. Students explore an overview of the court system, criminal law, police-community relations, probation, parole, evidence, criminology and careers in law enforcement. The courses are taught by a professional police officer, and offer up to 12 credits of concurrent enrollment.