Heavy Duty Mechanic/Diesel

Heavy Duty Mechanic/Diesel

West Jordan High School
8136 2700 W
West Jordan, UT 84088

Instructor: Devin Dyer

Program Description: This program is an entry-level course that prepares students with a basic understanding of diesel engines.  It allows students the opportunity to learn and apply their knowledge with hands-on experience related to the world of work. This class is set up to closely resemble real-life situations commonly used in business and industry. It will teach shop safety, use of tools and equipment, and how to tear down a diesel engine and rebuild it. The understanding and use of welding are also very important in the class. Welding safety, instruction, and use will be implemented within the program.


  • ASE Brakes
  • ASE Electrical
  • ASE Engine
  • DST 1045
  • DST 1065

Students will learn basic Diesel Systems including:
Electrical 12/24-Volt – Ohm’s Law, Voltage Drop, Resistance, Wiring and Trouble Shooting
Hydraulic and Pneumatic – Air Brakes on entire truck and trailers
Steering and Suspension – Alignments, (Tow-in only)
Power Train – Transmission, Clutch, Differentials, Drive Lines

Program Expectations: Students will be taught safety principles and expected to demonstrate appropriate safety. They will be taught preventative maintenance for diesel equipment. Work with hand and power tools. Students will learn about diesel systems while working on actual components.

Transportation:  Students must provide their own transportation to/from West Jordan High School every day for this class.

Class Times:

AM  Mon-Thurs 7:40-10:00; Fri 8:30-10:00

PM  Mon-Thurs 11:30-1:45; Fri 11:30-1:00


  • Mandatory Fee: SLCC Concurrent Enrollment fee ($5 per credit hour = $40)
  • $20 Parking Pass
  • Purchase Steel Toed Boots
  • $30 Skills USA Membership 
  • $80 Class supplies